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Hey! We are Adi & Myra, adventurers traveling our beautiful world! We believe nothing is greater than hiking in the mountains, discovering our world through food, or meeting people in a new destination.

Let’s Meet Abroad originated from the dream to tell the story of our travels in a creative way to inspire others to seek and embrace the unknown. Currently, we are traveling through Asia!

Do you join us on our adventures?

Lots of love, 
Adi & Myra

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Travel and adventure are huge parts of our lives and we want to share the story of our travels with the world. It’s a way to feed our biggest passions: videography, photography, and storytelling. 

We also love to help others with creating authentic and creative content. Video content and photo content are the best tools to bring a destination, product, or experience to life! Do you want your audience to be inspired too?