Let's Meet Abroad

Hi there!

let's meet us!

Hi, we are Adi & Myra! A Netherlands-based couple who loves to explore the world! And as you might have guessed, we met abroad. Let’s explain. 

In 2015 Adi moved to Australia for his Master’s. In the same year, Myra went to Melbourne for her working holiday. We became housemates and there is where it all started… 

We both were new in Australia so every minute we had time off, we went outside to explore this beautiful country. Unfortunately, Australia was for both of us, not our home country. Meeting in a country abroad where you both can’t live permanently doesn’t make a relationship easy. 

But we made it happen! In 2020 we were finally able to live together in the Netherlands. In these 5 years, a lot of things happened! 

And yep, we made a video about this! Watch it below or go to our YouTube to follow our current adventures. 

Lots of love, Adi & Myra